My New Column at Expat Focus

I’m excited to announce that I am now a columnist for Expat Focus, and will be creating for them a monthly article about life as an American expat in South Africa. You will see the following badge appear from now on at the right of my website, and clicking it will take you directly to my columnist page:

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It’s always interesting to read articles by expats in other countries, and even expats from other countries who are living in America, because we never see our own country quite the same as someone living abroad.

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The headshot I used for Expat Focus. I picked this because I’m wearing a special travel pendant given to me by my friend Gina to carry with me to Africa.

My articles for Expat Focus will be original, just for them, so you won’t have a duplicate of a post here.

Please support me by reading my column there, using the various *Like* buttons and, of course, subscribing to their newsletter so you can have my monthly South Africa column delivered fresh to your inbox!

Where the Wild Things Really are Wild in South Africa

Love, Marla

P.S. What is an “expat?”

I was telling a close friend about this news and she asked me “Why do you keep calling yourself an expat? Aren’t you returning to America someday?”

First, yes of course I’m coming home someday! Second, I realized there may be others who don’t know or understand the term “expat” as it applies to so many of us out in the world right now.

An expatriate (expat) is simply someone who is living outside of (“ex”) his or her native land (“patrie”). This can be temporary or permanent, and it can be by choice or by banishment. (I am not banished. 😉 )

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  1. That is AWESOME, sis!!! I look forward to reading your column! (My little sis Anne Landers) Seriously, that is really, really cool. And, B.T.W. that is a really nice picture of you!! (Much prettier than Anne Landers!) 😉

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