Can You Identify this African Bird?

I have to admit, this one had me stumped. Kurt and I were going through photos of our first trips to Kruger, in late winter/early Spring of 2013, and came across this photo I took of a pretty yellow-and-white bird in a bush.

Having spent the last two years cramming birds of Southern Africa into my brain from a few identification books, I was sad to realize how little I still knew of the variety of birds here.

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In the end, I had to send the photo to a bird guy (not to be confused with my snake guy, or my chicken guy) because I just wasn’t sure.

Before I give the answer, who wants to guess?  Your clues are (other than the colors and that beak): Kruger Park, woodland setting, early springtime.

And “little yellow job” doesn’t count. 😉

Love, MarLa

8 thoughts on “Can You Identify this African Bird?

  1. Okay, so you’re all quite a bit better than I am at this identification thing!

    Bird guy says “juvenile lesser masked weaver in transition plumage.”

    Next time I think I’ll start by running my unidentifieds through you ladies!

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