The Lighting of the…Baobab?

I came across this huge, artificial Baobab tree in Lynnwood Bridge last night, and I knew you would want to see it.

How beautiful is this tree?

travel Africa Christmas
Lighted baobab at Lynnwood Bridge, Pretoria, South Africa

Here in South Africa, the baobab tree is often used during the festive season in lieu of pine trees. You might remember I wrote a tiny bit about the baobab tree (aka the Cream of Tartar Tree) for one of my columns at Expat Focus. (Click here to read.)

Kurt and I have our eye on some local vendors at an intersection where they sell baobab trees made of wire a few feet high. You hang tiny beaded ornaments on them. When we finally decide which one to buy, I’ll post a photo for you.

Here’s another of the baobab with me in there for size perspective.

travel Africa Christmas
This could totally fit in our house, right? Right…?

Christmas season starts early here in South Africa. In the states, the rule of thumb is “after Thanksgiving” before going wild with Christmas decor, but here, there is no Thanksgiving holiday, and waiting until after December 16 holiday (Day of Reconciliation) would be too late. So actually many places begin decorating during October!

Since today is Writer Wednesday, I wanted to pair something with this photo, and while looking for a baobab poem, and finding mostly sappy, soggy, cheesey sentiment, I came across this lovely pick for you which I found more moving than any of the poems I read. This is titled “Songs from the Baobab.”

Happy Hump Day, readers!

Love, Marla

3 thoughts on “The Lighting of the…Baobab?

  1. That is beautiful – Mom would have loved it, and probably picked out the tackiest one for her (or your) living room!

    By the way – Festive Season – I love that. Maybe we can try to have it catch on here and stop all of this ‘war on christmas’ bologna.

    Miss you

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