Taxi in The Dubai Mall

Thought you would be entertained to see a taxi inside a mall. I mean, really…a taxi in a mall? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of mall-walking as exercise?

travel Dubai United Arab Emirates
Taxi in The Dubai Mall

Granted, The Dubai Mall is reportedly the “World’s Largest Shopping Mall” and it certainly felt like that as we seemed to walk forever in only one small section.

travel Dubai United Arab Emirates
The Dubai Mall (front left) at night.

And with stores like Bvlgari, Vertu, Jimmy Choo and Armani, I’m pretty sure it’s not an overpriced luxury for its regular patrons.

travel Dubai United Arab Emirates
Even the driver is dressed smartly.

We were not those patrons, but it was incredible to window shop!

Happy Friday, friends!

Love, Marla


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