Thank Goodness for Contaminated Horsefeed: South Africa Wildflowers

Kurt came home yesterday with the prettiest little bouquet of cosmos for me.

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A bouquet of wild cosmos from my awesome husband.

He and his boss stopped after work to pick them on the side of the road near their construction site. I can only imagine the sight of two grown men picking pink flowers on the roadside.

travel South Africa
Field of cosmos in South Africa

I wondered if cosmos were native wildflowers in South Africa, but when I looked into it, it turns out they were “introduced via contaminated horsefeed imported from Mexico during the Boer Wars.”

travel South Africa

Well, however they got here, I’m glad they remained to brighten the fields after all the rain here. Enjoy the photos and the knowledge that tomorrow is Friday!

Love, Marlatravel South Africa

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  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! And Kurt is so THOUGHTFUL, knowing that you would appreciate the wild flowers.

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