Lion Winners…It Was a Tie!

Thanks to all of you who entered. I was happily surprised to see how many captions were entered both here and on the Facebook page, so thanks!

Kurt was given all captions without names, to pair his favorite with the lion photo. He said it was a very difficult choice, and in the end, he chose two. Each will receive a fifty rand bill.

He wouldn’t stop laughing at the caption by this first winner, who he says apparently reads the blog enough and/or knows me well enough to understand just how obnoxious a photographer I am.

Congratulations, Amanda Hart, for the following caption:

travel South Africa

This second winner was similar to a few others Kurt liked but felt this one worked it through the best.

Congratulation, Elizabeth Dorssom, for the following caption:

travel South Africa

Thanks again, guys! I loved all your captions and hope to have another photo for you to caption sometime soon!

Love, Marla