Climbing St. Paul’s Cathedral in London

Welcome to Manuscript Monday, dear readers. Making an appearance late in my manuscript is St. Paul’s Cathedral, London.

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St. Paul’s

I climbed this cathedral in May, 2011 with a friend. It was a long climb just to the Whispering Gallery (259 steps) and I wasn’t there long before the fire alarm sounded and we were evacuated.

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Looking down on the bridge to The Tate Museum


It was tough to make the decision to start all over again (my weight was much higher and the knee much more painful) but I did, and made it to the top.

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The London Eye as seen from St. Paul’s

The total climb in St. Paul’s is 528 steps. But my version went like this:
259 steps to the Whispering Gallery
259 steps back down from the Whispering Gallery
259 steps up again when we were allowed back in
269 steps to finish the climb to the top.
Phew! That was one tired Marla.

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Looking down from the spiraling stairs up, up, up to the top of St. Paul’s

The focus of the chapter is not so much about the climb itself, but what it represented or, maybe more importantly, what it did not represent.

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London city view from St. Paul’s

Have you been there? Climbed it?

Happy Monday, readers. Hope it’s a fast, smooth ride to the weekend!

Love, Marla

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Traveling Marla at the top of St. Paul’s


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  1. Great pics! Not sure if I would have been able to make the second climb!!

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