The Demon of Table Mountain

I thought you would enjoy a little folklore today, so I saved this photo, taken of the top of the aerial cable as it was being engulfed in clouds, because I thought it looked a deliciously creepy. (Those of you on mobile phones may not be able to get a large enough photo for the view of the demon at the top, and zoom destroys the effect.)

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Since I would only be retelling stories that others have already captured, I am just going to give you a quick byte of each and you can choose which ones you want to read:

“Devils and Giants of Table Mountain”: The site is a neat, African Ghost Hunting Safaris website, and their page about Table Mountain gives a lot of information on the various ghosts and legends of the area. It’s a bit jumpy and disjointed, but then, how else would a ghost communicate its whereabouts to the living?

“Stories of Table Mountain”: Posted by a site called Camps Bay Lifestyle, this page has some nice South African history, Xhosa (click that tongue when you say it!) folklore, finding a magic ring, and that beautiful Table Cloth, which is how they refer to the cloud cover of the mountain.

“The Legends of Table Mountain”: Ridgway Ramblers created this page, which catches your attention with its subtitles such as “Watcher of the South,” “Adamaster,” and “the South Easter cloud.”

I hope you enjoy one or all of these sites, and that they spark your imagination as they did mine!

Love, Marla

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    1. Doggy! That’s the one I keep playing for myself here! One of my goals is to memorize an sing it before I leave. Hahaha. I love that that’s what you found!!!

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  1. The story about Van Hunks and the Devil’s smoking contest has stuck with me ever since first hearing it as a little boy so many years ago, and it’s still the best explanation for the mountain’s cloth in my opinion 😉

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