The Quiver trees of Keetmanshoop (by Kyle de Nobrega)

I found today’s guest blogger through a very cool website called Ranger Diaries. I read a couple of his posts there, then followed the links back to his own website, and saw his photos of these amazing trees. I knew you would enjoy them, as well.

Take a moment to check out Kyle’s amazing work on his website, INTHESTIXX and on his Facebook page. He also blogs at Africa Geographic.

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The Quiver Trees of Keetmanshoop

-by Kyle de Nobrega, of Inthestixx

Namibia is well known for it’s endless beauty, to thank for that is one of it’s attractions most beautiful contributors, the Quiver Tree. For a lengthily stay in Namibia the easily accessible Quiver Tree forest near Keetmanshoop is a must do for all nature lovers and photographers. What the accommodation facilities may lack in luxury for some, it truly does make up for in photographic opportunities. With over 250 specimens of the Aloe Dichotoma alone, there is no shortage of available tree’s to shoot. At first you feel sort of lost and confused as the excitement and awe loses you among the tree’s. A one night stop over gives you ample time to get to know the trees well and put your creativity to the test, by playing with different angles, light and compositions.

I have chosen 10 of my personal favorites from our one night, Quiver tree overload, stop from our recent Namibian trip.

quiver pillar

purple quiver skies

quiver landscape 2

quiver moon

Quiver tree stars

Quiver tree stars 2

silver quiver colour

dead quiver

silver quiver

quiver low angle


Keetmanshoop is an easy stop over for any trip into Namibia from the  South African side.

About Kyle de Nobrega

Author and Photographer Kyle de Nobrega. (c) Africa Geographic or Kyle de Nobrega.

Incredibly passionate and driven, Kyle de Nobrega is a field guide, naturalist and adventurer. This Capetonian is constantly on a mission to find, experience and share the jewels that nature throws his way. From taking photos of the spoor left behind of a beetle grub, to painstakingly lying on a rock waiting for a Green-headed oriole to fly by, he thrives on nature and what it has to offer. Trained and employed in the Waterberg , Sabi Sands and currently at Tswalu in the Kalahari, the knowledge he seeks in new areas is a top priority. His time away from work is entirely focused on travelling and exploring new game reserves or any great wilderness areas in Africa, seeking the enjoyment of life. You can follow his Facebook page: Inthestixx, for more memories and encounters from out there in and among the things that make him smile.

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