Ubuntu Bikes (by Lolla Wallace)

I was trolling Africa blogs recently, and was struck by this stunning photo of a woman on a bike:

ubuntu bikes

I had to go read more.

Ubuntu Bikes guest blogI was smitten with the photos and story behind Ubuntu Bikes, as well as my new blogging friend, Lolla Wallace of Cape Town, South Africa.

Please follow the link to go read her blog, The Cat is Ginger. You will find this very cool Ubuntu Bikes blog, as well as a variety of Fashion, Food, Places, Photography, Film, Music, Space. Space? Guess you’ll just have to go see what that’s about as well!

Love, Marla

6 thoughts on “Ubuntu Bikes (by Lolla Wallace)

  1. Just how fabulous are those bikes! I want one, now. Of course it likely doesn’t hurt he has absolutely gorgeous models with the bikes, but still the bikes…fabulous. Thanks for this one.

    1. Hey Valentine – glad you like the bikes. And the ‘gorgeous’ model happens to be my wife šŸ™‚

      We did a calendar last year featuring all real regular women, all featured on our website!

      1. Beautiful, both your wife and the bikes. I went to your site and stared longingly at the bikes for a good hour. If I didn’t think the cost of shipping to Texas wouldn’t be horrific I would have immediately ordered my favorite!

        All of them are wonderful, all of the models also equally lovely. What you are doing also impressive. I am simply in awe.

        1. Hey Valentine, shipping comes in at around $200 so can be steep but even with the cost of the bike as well they still are amazingly good value and you pay no import duty on secondhand bikes…so perhaps worth thinking about. šŸ™‚

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