Happy Valentine’s Day…to my Mouth

Valentine's Day alone indulgence Heaven Sent Desserts San Diego Crowne Plaza fitness reward workout
View from my room. I think I will be working by the pool as much as possible today.

Well of course I already said it this morning to my better half. And he will arrive home to that bag of peanut M&M’s he can’t have until April.

Tonight I’m going to have a mouthgasm.

Chatting with the young lady at the front desk this morning I learned about a dessert bar in San Diego, called Heaven Sent Desserts. Based on our conversation, she and I have similar food tastes, so I will most likely taking her advice and having the Hazelnut Bomb.

I might have told you recently that I have been using My Fitness Pal (if you use it, please look me up and connect) to track food and workouts. It has been wonderful. Forcing myself to input the information has made me realize just how low I was on key nutrients, like potassium and surprised me with how often I was low on carbohydrates throughout the day. And that, I believe, is the reason for the majority of my sugar cravings in the evenings and after meals. I wasn’t getting the correct balance into my body.

Valentine's Day alone indulgence Heaven Sent Desserts San Diego Crowne Plaza fitness reward workout
Every time I’m traveling alone, I request 5 pillows so I can make “Pillow Kurts” on either side of me. It’s never the same, but it’s probably my equivalent of those strange “hug jackets” for dogs with separation anxiety. Did I just call myself a dog with separation anxiety? Well, if the hug jacket fits…

I also realized that I go a little crazy without some kind of sweet allowance, so I’ve given myself 2 days per week to indulge. And on those indulgence days, I only get one treat. It might be a latte or it might be a dessert, but it’s only one thing.

Sunday is one of the days, and the second day is usually Wednesday but this week I held off, knowing I would want a Valentine’s treat. So I’m excited to tell you that since Sunday I haven’t had any sweets and very few processed items. I kept watch on the MFP app and online to make sure I was loading with the right things to help avoid any major cravings too.

And of course giving up that TV/Movies for me has helped immensely since I did more mindless sugaring (and I meant that as both a statement on sweets and television) with the television on.

The front desk clerk handed me a miniature hershey bar and hershey kiss as I was leaving, and my first thought was who I might give them to, since I knew I wouldn’t waste my one sweet item on anything so common.

My workout this morning was tough. For some reason my muscles were fatiguing quickly. Maybe because I was sick, maybe because it’s been a few days. But I still got in 45 minutes of weights and 15 minutes of cardio.

Valentine's Day alone indulgence Heaven Sent Desserts San Diego Crowne Plaza fitness reward workout
Surprisingly easy to pass up when I think of having only one sweet treat twice per week. I like these, but I LOVE other desserts more.

My pants are practically falling off, and since they are the smallest size I have right now, I’m ecstatic (and may be happily mooning/flashing people throughout the day).

The only thing that would turn this day from wonderful to perfect, would be seeing Kurt. But he keeps telling me to “Suck it up, Buttercup” because I’m here for a reason: sell this book; sell me; network my ass off. (Apparently my jeans already have started that last one.)

Are you doing something special for yourself or someone else today?

I hope your Valentine’s Day is perfect. If you can’t celebrate with someone you love, celebrate with your mouth, or maybe indulge your other senses by having a massage or a bubble bath.

Love, Marla

4 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day…to my Mouth

  1. Break a leg out there, Marla! (Don’t fall down a set of stairs because your pants have sagged too far down and have tripped on them…not that kind of ‘break a leg.’) I planned my calorie intake today to go over my limit only a little bit—so we went out for breakfast (which we never do anymore) and had pancakes and eggs, and tonight we’re going to go get Thai (which we never do anymore) and afterwards a movies (with some sweets!). Then, tomorrow, back to the usual. Which is fine. I’m actually liking this MFP thing; like you, it’s really made me aware of how far over I usually go with my eating, and how under I am in some things. It’s been handy!

    Now, get off here and go sell, sell sell! =D

  2. We have one of those anti-anxiety shirts for our beagle! It really calms him down…and it’s adorable.

    Might try out My Fitness Pal. I’ve been looking for a way to track what I eat that I’ll actually use.

    Break a leg with the agents!

  3. You have been great this week! BTW – Sounds like you found a trigger for your bad eating, time to make a plan to avoid that (this will be my part 3 of my willpower series tomorrow.) Enjoy your cheat today!

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