Mile High Clubbing

banana slapping mile high club blogging
This banana is an actor. It is not the actual banana used in the 2012 banana slapping incident.

Like I could even handle that solo with the size of these airplane lavatories, let alone try to add a second person. Seriously, I think all mile-highers must be ultra skinny or ultra flexible.

I can’t even give you any exciting news about a banana slapping in the Atlanta airport this time.

I told you yesterday that I’m giving up television and movies for Lent. This is marvelous. Why didn’t anybody remind me that I’d be on an airplane for 4+ hours and unable to watch any inflight movies or television to pass the time?

Thankfully I have a decent seatmate and interesting conversations about my travels to Vietnam and his to Africa. He went on an expedition in Uganda in which he and his wife were able to spend time among the endangered mountain gorillas. So as you can guess, I have added another item to our bucket list for while we’re living in South Africa. That trip is second, of course, to cage diving with great whites or sneaking onto a shark wrangler boat.

I guess after all, it was good that I couldn’t watch tv or movies, or I might have missed hearing about the Ugandan gorilla expedition. And is giving up TV/movies all that bad? (she asks on day one) I’m just glad I didn’t give up chocolate for Lent. I still get my twice-weekly “cheat item.”

Kurt, meanwhile, gave up all pop and candy, so that’s a bummer that I left him a nice Valentine’s gift, including a bag of peanut m&m’s on his pillow back home.

We’ll be spending Valentine’s Day apart, but we’ve never been big on celebrating that anyway.  I’m just looking forward to getting to meet these agents and hoping they like the manuscript. Wish me luck!

Signing off from 36,000 feet somewhere above Texas.

Love, Marla

P.S. Do you think anybody would mind if I do push-ups on the plane? Feeling a bit restless and need to makeup for yesterday’s sick day. 😉



3 thoughts on “Mile High Clubbing

  1. LUCK!!! Actually, something great is going to happen for you. I can feel it. You’re showing up with purpose, a big heart, a sense of humor and that marvelous manuscript. Whoo-hoo! And blogging at 36,000 feet…You could seat press yourself in multiple reps – or lift the tray table up and down say, 2,000 times?? Have a great conference.

  2. Break a leg out there! I believe in the dream! Oh, man…day one, no TV…it’s so so quiet. I can actually hear myself think for a change.

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