Werewolf on Sinktown Road

I swerved on the first pass, trying to figure out why there was a werewolf on Sinktown Road, so I turned around at Weaver Road and came back up the hill. So glad I did, because these folks were nice enough to recreate the shoot so I could take a few pics of my own.

Well, I lost track of my days a bit while dog-sitting out in Skunk Hollow. Here it is Manipulate Marla Monday and I’ve completely forgotten. I forgot to write down the words to take out to the signal-less hollow and I forgot it was Monday until I was leaving the house.

So…I’m swapping days. The short post for tomorrow I’m giving you today. Random strangeness on my drive home last night I wanted to share. Sinktown Road is always entertaining. Of course it’s usually the zombies that cause the most trouble…

Tomorrow I’ll put up the result of the words/phrases you gave me last week.

Love, Marla

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6 thoughts on “Werewolf on Sinktown Road

  1. W.T.F.C. yea, not what you think…just means “werewolf too frikkin close” !
    Believe it or not, that is who I thought it was. hahaha…not even a full moon!

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