A Post in Two Parts: Contest Winner and Manipulate MarLa Monday!! Mmm…

Part One:

photo contest apple butter stirrin festival Coshocton Ohio
Is this your favorite?
Vote for PHOTO C: Little girl with head in orangutan

And the winner is….Little Girl with Head in Orangutan! This great photo, submitted by the McCully family of Pittsburgh, PA, swept the votes at over 60%, the remaining 40% shared among the remaining contenders.

The McCully’s will receive the jar of apple butter, but no worries – each of the entries, including the winner, will be receiving a Traveling Marla postcard, designed by me, with photos of my favorite spots along our travels! Please make sure to email or Facebook message me your address if you haven’t done so already.



As promised, I am donating $10 per entry to the American Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Fund. I received 6 entries (5 and the one I forgot to include, which I mentioned in yesterday’s post).

I rounded up and gave $75. I hope you are able to give a little as well. It’s easy – you can either follow the link above, or simply text RED CROSS to 90999 to give $10.

contest charity blog donation Hurricane Sandy
I like giving anyway, but there’s something more special about knowing people came together in a fun little contest to increase my amount. It’s like we’re in it together, you know?

Part Two:

You get to play in the next Manipulate MarLa Monday! A couple of you who know me personally complained that since you don’t have a Facebook account, you didn’t get to play the game where I ask you for prompts and then I make up a story or poem or essay around those prompts.

While that will still be mainly played on Facebook, because I’m working on building my social media platform, I am, well, easily manipulated, so for everyone, here’s your opportunity to manipulate me for next week….

How to Play:

In the comments below, give me any word, phrase, quote, etc., that you want me to work into a post. This one will be an open theme, so anything goes.

**Make sure you begin the comment with “Manipulate Marla: _________________” so I know it’s for the game and not just a regular comment. Or, just “put it in quotes” and I’ll know what it’s for.

I will only take comments received by this Friday (Nov. 9th) at 5pm, so that I have the weekend to come up with Monday’s post. I must use ALL of your prompts, so I hope you work me hard!

Have fun and don’t stress over what you put down. Sometimes the simplest things end up being the most difficult to work in with the rest.

Love, Marla

9 thoughts on “A Post in Two Parts: Contest Winner and Manipulate MarLa Monday!! Mmm…

  1. Hmmm, have to use every quote, huh? Ok then, how about: “..,and that is why I should always heed my brother’s advice.” Or, “if that’s what my brother said, then it must be so!” (No paraphrasing)

  2. for your next manipulation: from my favorite Dr Seuss story -” Oliver Boliver Butt”- in fact I named my GPS after this character from Too Many Daves

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