Tower Wall: Pictures and a Poem

Traveling Marla Tower of LondonI thought I would share with you a free verse poem I wrote a year and a half ago during a literary tour of England.

Already published in Chatham University’s MFA newsletter, I can’t submit it to literary journals now, but I can share it with you, along with a few photos from the day I wrote the piece.

Hopefully I can include it with other travel pieces in the full-length collection I’m working on.

Love, Marla

Tower Wall

Tower of London

Embrace this stone,

tree hugging

bare skin on pillars.

Cool, rough minerals

against my breasts,

mortar fills scars in my belly.

Patched wall Tower of London

Everlasting rock

and fading flesh.

Slab pressed into me—

weight of my funerary stone

no earth between us.

Tower of London

These are the crown jewels

in the Tower of London.

Roman Wall tower of London

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