Overture: a blog from my brother regarding elderberries.

I received an email from my brother with the subject line of “Overture.” It was written entirely in verse, and I could not resist making it today’s blog.

I’d like to say this writing ability runs in our family, but after reading “Overture” I believe my brother has all the talent and I have just apparently managed to nab some leftover creativity…


Marla, dear sister, Id’ve written in prose; but since you’re a writer, it’s verse that I’ve chose.

An offer I’ll make, and soon you’ll know why; but guess not too quickly, you may find yourself shy.

It’s berries I tender, Elder, ripe, full, and sweet; All yours for the pickin’, your pectin to greet!

I know that you want them, I’ve Β seen it years past; the jellies you fashion, your recipes vast.

Now my pantry IS empty, of jelly, it’s true; but don’t jump to conclusion, please read this through.

You see, as I was mowing this fine August day, the one thing which vexed me, which got in my way, were the berries of elder, their branches so full; that my ire was raised from the skin they did pull!

So as I was dodging, and starting to curse; the idea just hit me. “Eureka”, I burst!

I’ll write sister Marla, I’ll make it sound sappy, I’ll tell her they’re free! That’ll make her quite happy.

Thoughts of Tom Sawyer, his fence painted white; or was it Huck Finn? Never get that one right.

I’ll get her to do it!! She’ll pick that shit clean! All the while I’ve got her duped,thinking she’s Queen!

“My brother, my brother”she says, “What a saint!; He’s blessed me with berries!”(“I’ll help him paint”)

Now I know what your thinking, I should’ve just quit; with the offer of berries, ‘stead of givin’ up my bit.

But you see I just wanted…to show, not to hide; a small glimpse, if you will, of what goes on inside.

Without further adieu, or a long drawn out plot; I’m simply asking…”You want the damn berries, or not?!”



Well, friends, it looks like Traveling Marla will be traveling to her brother’s house and then making another batch of jam!

Love, Marla

32 thoughts on “Overture: a blog from my brother regarding elderberries.

  1. Thanx for sharing…turd!
    Thanks for the props too, but I’d say you got it waaay backward on the talent, I’ll take your Hemingway over my Seuss any day!

  2. all the pretty rhyming words in the world can’t hide the fact that you’ve been duped into doing something that will benefit your brother more than yourself… having 5 of the sneaky creatures myself I am not surprised… well played, neighbor, well played πŸ™‚

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