Zimbabwe on Hold

Monday’s library program, Zim, Zam and the Smoke That Thunders, has been postponed until early 2018. Enjoy your Thanksgiving Week festivities!

Meanwhile in southern Africa the country of Zimbabwe was put on hold while our friends there awaited the outcome of military activity (aka “coup-not-coup”) and the potential ouster of one-time hero-turned-President-turned-Autocrat: Robert Mugabe.

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The currency of electricity from our Zimbabwean friends reaches across the ocean. They are excited, and filled with more hope than they knew they still had. During our years living in South Africa we made many friends from Zimbabwe. They often related their frustrations and fears about the state of rule, circumstances of their families back home, and frustrations with what seemed like unending limbo.

Limbo has ended.

                 Victoria Falls as seen from the Zimbabwe side. (c) 2016 MarLa Sink Druzgal

Now it’s time to hope that the new Zimbabwe matches the expectations of the majority of its people, and gets itself positioned more conscientiously to help its citizens, and hone its strengths to become the global powerhouse it can be.

Come learn about our own travels in Zimbabwe, as well as Zambia and Botswana in the region around Victoria Falls. The new program dates for this and other events will be announced in early 2018.