When a Tree is Not a Tree

Today I’ve been writing a little about the names we give to things, and to places, and was reminded of a trip we took to this American national park.

yucca plant Joshua tree travel America

This photo is of a type of yucca plant, but is best known as a “tree.”

Can you name the park (and the “tree?”)

Love, MarLa

6 thoughts on “When a Tree is Not a Tree

  1. Joshua Tree @ Josha Tree National Forest. Also found at 29 Palms and Wickenburg AZ

    1. You got it, Mark. And thanks for the info on 29 Palms and Wickenburg AZ. I’ll have to check out those spots next time I’m in the west/southwest!

      1. Now I have a treasure hunt for you. Where can you buy kielbasa in SA 😐

        1. Mark,
          Does it have to be LABELED kielbasa, or can it taste like kielbasa but have another name? I’m asking because the closest we’ve found was recommended by another American friend: the “cooked salami sausage” at Woolies.
          If you know of something better, or the real deal, you gotta’ give me a hint. 🙂

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