The Tiniest Giraffe in the Whole Wide World?

We came across this baby giraffe with its mother in Pilanesberg last year. One of the youngest we’ve seen yet.

baby giraffe Africa travel craft kids
Baby giraffe and mother

Speaking of young (or maybe just young at heart) I found this cute page where you can print crafts for your kids or grandkids (or you!) to color and cut and make their own. Click here to get the craft.

Want to come with us on our next trip to either Pilanesberg or Kruger? Well, maybe not you in flesh and blood, but your GIRAFFE can!

Make the craft and send me a photo of your finished giraffe. I’ll pick one, print it out here, and take photos of it posed with REAL giraffe in the background, in the wild! Color it however you want, even stick a photo of your face on its head. Whatever sparks your creativity.

Email me a photo of your finished giraffe by next Thursday at midnight (25 June). I’ll pick a winner next Friday!

Coming up next week – did you come to Victoria Falls with us? If you did, watch this page for the Flat Stanley versions of you, maybe tumbling over the edge!

Love, Marla

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7 thoughts on “The Tiniest Giraffe in the Whole Wide World?

    1. Right!? I don’t think I could handle any more cuteness. I could have watched them all day.

      When we move back to the states I am going to have to just surround myself with photos every day to get my fix.

    1. Hi Becky,
      Hey thanks for reading and commenting.
      I have a feeling you will. That’s a nice travel site you have going. And with your youth, I have a feeling you are going to see a lot of the world in years to come. Have you considered – they’re an Overland budget tours and I think they have trips to most of the main African tourist areas. Then you can collect a lot more postcards!

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