Hyena in a Puddle

South Africa map rainbowJanuary in South Africa is summertime, and this past January during a trip to Kruger, we came across a hyena enjoying a midday soak in a cool puddle among rocks beside the S114 in the southern part of the park.

hyena Africa Kruger
Looks nice, but I think we’ll stay in the car.
S114 Kruger hyena
S114, in the southern section of Kruger

She checked us out briefly when we pulled up, and then went back to her nap.

Kruger Africa hyena
Hyena taking a sniff to find out what we are
hyena Africa travel
Go away humans. I need my beauty sleep.

Spotted Hyena Trivia:
Spotted hyenas are matriarchal. The alpha females are bigger and stronger than the males, and have complete control over mating decisions within the pack.

There are two myths about spotted hyenas that persist today, despite evidence to the contrary. Can you guess them?

Have a great week, folks.

Love, Marla

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  1. Dunno any myths about hyenas…in fact, really don’t know any truths either!

    1. p.s. I’ve really been enjoying the wonderful map references you’ve been including in recent posts!

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