Happy World AIDS Day! (Ok, a few days late.)

Beautiful post by Stephanie.

Domesticating Stephanie

My dad receives a phone call every year on this day from either my brother or me, or both. As soon as he answers I shout excitedly, “Happy World AIDS Day!” He laughs. Then I laugh. And then we move on to more life important topics such as how Shannon Doherty was just a bad fit all around for the tv show, Charmed.

A Navy Corpsman for 12 years, my father contracted HIV in 1986 while abroad in Okinawa, Japan from an emergency room mishap –or so the very official federal document discloses. Since I was only two at the time, it has always played some sort of role in my life, although not a huge one. We’ve never “walked” in its name, no campfire therapy sessions, I don’t even think I participated in “red ribbon” week. We were very, very poor AIDS ambassadors. And now I feel kind…

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One Comment on “Happy World AIDS Day! (Ok, a few days late.)

  1. Nice repost sis, nice story!! Also Nancy says “whoo-whoo!!” on the instagram pic, and says “more pics of Kurt in the pool!” Haha, love you sis!


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