Happy Holidays!

I knew that today is the beginning of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. I also knew that today is Heritage Day in South Africa, which some Zed-A’rs have dubbed “Braai Day.”

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But did you know that today is also Constitution Day in Cambodia, Independence Day in Guinea-Bissau (did you know there was such a place as Guinea-Bissau?), Mahidol Day in Thailand, Armed Forces Day in Peru, New Caledonia Day in New Caledonia, and Republic Day in Trinidad and Tobago?

Whew! Me neither.

Today is also the beginning of the Libra Zodiac sign which I only know because I’m a Libra. Oh I know that a few years back some weird astrology folks with nothing better to do came up with a new chart that says I’m now a Scorpio. But everyone was quickly re-schooled on that, so today is the beginning of Libra. Yebo!

Anyhoo, today is apparently also Cherries Jubilee Day and Punctuation Day. Well…that is something! Isn’t it? I mean, at least, I think it (or the idea of it) is something. Okay, so those are pretty much the only pieces of punctuation I like, so that’s enough of that.

And how about that Heritage Day? My own heritage is rural Pennsylvania Yankee, which means any fair-weather holiday merits a cook-out (aka braai).

Whatever you celebrate and whatever you eat, be well!

Love, Marla


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  1. Feliz Cumple Anos Marla, thanks for the coin, its decorating our wall at home. Have Fun at Kruger!

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