Mpumalanga Potholes

Talk about a white-knuckle drive! Read about our harrowing journey on Route 36 in Mpumalanga Province in my latest monthly column over at Expat Focus:

Mpumalanga Potholes in South Africa

Following are a few more photos of the nice reward we had after surviving the drive!

travel South Africa Panorama Route
These are the potholes I came to see!
travel South Africa Panorama Route
Bourke’s Luck Potholes on the Panorama Route

travel South Africa Panorama Route

travel South Africa Panorama Route
During the rainy season, these potholes overflow with water. We were there after the rainy season.
travel South Africa Panorama Route
Waterfalls carry sand and rock into the canyon, grinding out new potholes over time too slow for any of us to see in our lifetime.

Happy Over-the-Hump Day, friends!

Please do read the column. I enjoyed writing it and I think you’ll enjoy reading it! 🙂

Love, Marla

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3 thoughts on “Mpumalanga Potholes

  1. Loved your post about the R36 Marla! It used to be one of our favourite routes to the lowveld, but it’s been in that terrible state long even before the floods early this year. Because actually getting to our destination is a very important part of our holidays (duh!) it will be a while before we use that route again…

    Beautiful shots of Bourke’s Luck!

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