The Maldivian Lady Gaga Lizard

On Kandooma Island, where we stayed for our incredible New Year’s anniversary celebration, we kept coming across a cool-looking lizard who changed his wardrobe more times than Lady Gaga at the VMAs.

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Meet the Maldivian Lady Gaga Lizard. This reptile is known as “Calotes Versicolor” or “Oriental Garden Lizard” {yawn}

When I finally arrived home and researched the reptile, I came across its genus and group name: “Calotes Versicolor.” This was about as exciting as its common names of “Oriental Garden Lizard,” “Eastern Garden Lizard” and “Changeable Lizard.” Seriously? Who gets to name our creatures, anyway?

I say f* that. Let’s rename the boring ones, starting with Calotes Versicolor.

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Much like the talented Gaga, it was hard to believe this was the same lizard. You have to look closely at the marks of the face and body to see they are the same even when disguised by color (and it helps to have a reptile research site to refer to.)

This cool little guy who can reinvent himself so frequently deserves no less than the way I thought of him on the island. So he will forever be, for me, the Maldivian Lady Gaga Lizard.

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Seeing something as an invasive species (much like the lovely Gaga) is a unique and beautiful experience, but not the same as getting to experience it in its natural habitat.

Sometimes he was displaying in full color, other times in a little more subtle camouflage. We had to look carefully at the markings to know it was the same species, which we verified through a cool online reptile database.

travel Maldives lizard

travel Maldives

It doesn’t matter that there were probably a dozen or more Lady Gaga impersonators on the island with us. They were all one in the same for me: colorful, versatile, lythe, and entertaining.

travel Maldives lizard

And…they were simply born that way.

TGIF, dear readers! Have a great weekend!

Love, Marla


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  1. Cool looking little guy/girl!! I wonder which color he/she uses to keep from having a “bad romance”? 😉

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