Awkward, Feel-Good Thanksgiving Video

Sometimes you just need to dump all the stress and share something that makes you feel good, laugh, and enjoy people who are as awkward and dorky as yourself.

Thank you, Hill Family, for your Thanksgiving Flash Mob to “Don’t Stop Believing” and thanks, HuffPo for sharing it three years later so I could find it and share with my readers.

Happy Thanksgiving. We miss you all SO much.

Love, Marla and Kurt

4 thoughts on “Awkward, Feel-Good Thanksgiving Video

  1. Hahaha…Nancy and I laughed out loud!…looks like something the Sink, Work, Druzgal clans would do.
    Happy turkey day li’l sis!! Love You

  2. Love it! Love the Feeling – the Believing – Thanks, Marla. Maybe one day you’ll be the Hill Family Manager…take them on the ROAD – whoo-hoo!

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