Your Halloween candy may harm an orangutan

There are also good articles on this by Lori over at Africa Inside. What will you be handing out this Halloween?


When Americans hand out Halloween candy this week they may inadvertently be contributing to the destruction of orangutan habitat thousands of miles away.

But don’t feel guilty. Instead, do something about it.

Many types of Halloween candy β€” and lots of other packaged foods in the United States β€” contain palm oil, much of which is farmed in Malaysia and Indonesia, where orangutans live. Wild forests that support the endangered orangutan are being chopped down and burned to grow geometric rows of trees that ultimately produce oil.

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One Comment on “Your Halloween candy may harm an orangutan

  1. I am concerned for the Orangutans, but also wonder how the human Malaysian and Indonesian porrer people might be impacted if the bottom falls out of the palm oil industry. I am not familiar with the economic plight there, but I do know humans exist on the industry of a region. This type of campaign will not impact the big companies the way it will the laborer.


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