Walking With a Cheetah

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The almost awesome photo, with the fake cell tower in the background. :-/

This post is for a friend of mine who is having a frustrating day (you know who you are). I was saving it for a different week, but when you know someone needs a cheetah pick-me-up, you need to just share the cheetah already.

These photos are from our experience taking a bush walk with a cheetah at a nearby nature reserve. As you walk, you learn about cheetahs, about conservation, and about just how uncomfortable you may be when walking with a cheetah, with nothing between its teeth and claws and your delicate, pale-ass, sweet-tasting skin. (Okay, so only my skin tastes sweet, given the amount of sugar seeping from my pores.)

Since I first began posting here in South Africa, I have been given information on incredible cheetah organizations that I am arranging to write about, and hopefully visit one or two. In the meantime, here are photos of this magnificent cat who we walked with one day.

Click any photo below to start the slideshow.

Love, Marla

P.S. Is it really October, already?

6 thoughts on “Walking With a Cheetah

  1. AHHHHHHH!!!! Cheetah’s are so cool! Thank you, very awesome. I love the pic of you two with the cheetah lying down. That would be so awesome!

  2. I just love the expression of those cheetas! Talk about the quintessential apathetic cat face!!…all you people are like “oh yea! this is really cool!! Me and my buddy the cheetah!”… and he just looks like he just tolerates you all, but really doesn’t give a shit!! Hahaha, so awesome!!!
    Another great post sis! If that one didn’t cheer your friend up, they’re hopeless!

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