Marla Made me Do It ;)

I’ve been asked to join the dream team, well Marla’s Dram Team, and really is there any other? As I thought hmmm what could a humble painter have to contribute to an amazing travel blog, run and written by a brilliant and talented woman as she.
Then I remembered I just came back from the UK 8 beautiful days in some of the most beautiful countryside I’ve seen in years. First I would like to say something about human kindness as my trip was funded by the grace and kindness of others.
Our story starts and ends in the small town of Heathrow Airport 😉 yes if you’ve never been through this airport you’ve must at some point it’s gigantic.
I arrive at Heathrow after more than 14 hrs of travel and flight to be met by Sue Vincent one of the Directors and Mother of the School of the Silent Eye.

For the first four days of my adventure I stayed in the Nightingale Center in Derbyshire England pronounced ( darb I sure) the event of the launch of the school was an amazing thing to behold. As well waking, walking and being surrounded by the countryside was a blessing for these tired bones.

Greeted by the birds and beast of this fair land. Bleating lamb , Raven and Hawk.
Gorgeous fields of green and fresh morning dew. The smells of the city so far forgotten to the day.
And how can one go to foreign lands and not partake in the local customs 😉
Yes I do mean the pub granted not your average neighborhood tavern mind you.
16 or 17th century building very amazing history and culture. After four blissful, enlightening days in Derbyshire it was time to rest a bit in Sues village of Waddesdon, a lovely place about an hour and a half north of London. As with any good trip abroad one must visit ancient things I personally have an affinity for old churches and here is one from the Saxon period built in 950 AD truly a site to see.
The oak holding up the entry was is literally Thousands of years old, imagine these giant beams holding this place up were huge full grown trees in 950 AD, simply a mind boggling thought and yes I had to touch them.
Well so that was the main adventure of my trip not limited to what I’ve shown you today truly just the tip of my trip but I would be remiss as a painter if I didn’t share my UK creations.
So to Marla and all who have the chance to travel and share thank you for all you do.
Best Wishes

Benjamin M Prewitt


About Benjamin Prewitt

Benjamin has a beautiful biography on his Artist’s Statement page, which I encourage you to read. Perhaps my favorite excerpt is this: Art reminds us that the seemingly opposite forces of joy and sorrow are working together to inspire us to find balance in who we are. The beat of my artist’s heart was sparked by my late father as he was the first to place a brush in my hand when I was six years old. My deepest reward is my loving family who are by far my greatest accomplishment.

Have passion for life, everyday. Give to those who have not and ask nothing for yourself. With any luck life will be kind and reward in ways yet unseen. Namaste.Benjamin
Benjamin Prewitt


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Love, Marla

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