Cure for a rough patch = Reading a Good Book?

Returned home only to discover that the gas pipeline between the meter and our home isn’t working.A freezing night in our ski thermals sleeping in front of the great room fireplace. House temps in the low 40s daytime and freezing at night. No heat, hot water, oven/stove or dryer without gas. No contractors quickly available and we will be borrowing pipeline funds from escrow or IRA. Makes for a fun start to February.But there are always worse things. We are lucky.Making the best by staying by the fire and re-reading a good book before going to hear the author (Rebecca Skloot) talk on Monday at Pittsburgh Arts and Lectures (yes, I will bring you back a signed book for a giveaway).

Pittsburgh Arts and Lectures
I will be giving away a signed copy of this book in a few days!

Have a beautiful weekend, friends. Love, Marla

3 thoughts on “Cure for a rough patch = Reading a Good Book?

  1. Hey sis, that kinda sux…no freezing water pipes I hope! Fireplace sounds wonderful, but be careful. Ambience is one thing, plumbing repairs an entirely different story. Always here if you need help.

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