VOTE for your favorite Caption on the Neil Gaiman – Traveling MarLa Photo!

It’s time to VOTE! Help someone win the hardcover, gift edition of Stardust signed by Neil Gaiman!

Here the photo. Read the Captions below and Vote for your favorite! If one of the captions is yours, vote for it then share it with friends. Be sure to tell them which one is yours so they can help you win the book!

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Love, Marla

Traveling Marla Cleavage Stardust hardcover gift edition signed book contest
VOTE for your favorite CAPTION below. Help someone win the hardcover gift edition signed by Neil Gaiman himself!

**PLEASE NOTE: PollDaddy, I have found out since hitting “publish” today, cuts off text at a specific letter count. Therefore, entry (B) was unfairly cut off.
The full text of (B) is: As he gazed at the adoring fan, he saw a bountiful, awe-inspiring display of cleavage- he’d seen cleavage before, in England, but he’d never seen one like this. At first, he thought about what could be- a name to cross off a list; a pleasant three-person cuddle… or a girl with an interesting blog post. His mind works like that.

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