Weekend Window: A photo blog. More blue whales, dolphins and Newport Bay

Sea lions in dinghy
Sea lions relaxing in somebody’s dinghy in Newport Bay.

So many more photos of yesterday’s whale watching adventure than one post could handle. As you might remember, weekends are not writing blogs for me, just photo blogs. So enjoy these additional pictures, and I’ll write to you again Monday.

Love, Marla

Sea lions on boat
Sea lions hanging out on a boat in Newport Bay.

Whale watching tour
Crowd waiting in line to board the Ocean Explorer at Davey’s Locker in Newport Beach.

scuba diver Newport Bay
scuba diver getting ready to clean boat in Newport Bay

pelicans Newport Bay

Newport Bay jetty
Leaving Newport Bay for the open ocean.

Fishermen Newport Bay jetty
Fishermen at the end of the Newport Bay jetty

Google Boat Newport Bay
Google boat in Newport Bay.

whale watching crowd
Crowded bow of the Ocean Explorer for whale watching.

Common dolphin underwater
Common dolphin underwater next to boat.

dolphins playing
Dolphins playing near boat.

blue whale
Blue whale and spout.

two blue whales spouting simultaenously
Two blue whales spouting simultaneously. Captain Larry told us this is rare.

blue whale
Blue whale.

blue whale
Blue whale.