Grave digging

He hanged himself. The end.

Okay, well maybe not quite the end, but certainly a more difficult search than I originally thought.

Yesterday I wandered the Craig Cemetery off Michigan (behind Baxter Cemetery) looking for the tombstone of great-great-great-great-grandma Mary Mooney’s tombstone from 1826.

I think I found it, based on the D.A.R. description of the stone with it’s top right chunk missing. It’s laying flat on the ground now, and even a digital picture, which usually picks up the contrast in these older stones, can only make out a Mary M_____ in this photo.

I think at this point, the only thing that might show up is a charcoal rubbing. I’d like to identify it and put up a new marker. Until I know for sure, I am pretending this random graveyard daisy marks the site:

I have not found a record of where Isaac is buried.

If anybody loves a challenge or just loves me so much they want to help, here are the bits and pieces I have:

Isaac Mooney, born 1790 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. Married Mary______. Child Sarah Ann Mooney (my ancestor) born in Mill Grove, Ohio 1821. Moved to Jefferson County, Indiana sometime between 1821-1826. Began first paper mill in Jefferson County, on Big Creek in 1826 (Paper Mill Road). Wife Mary dies in 1826 (don’t know her maiden name). Remarries on May 29, 1827 to Mathilda Jackman (married by W. C. Wharton – anybody know a church affiliation?).  Appears in Jefferson County tax records 1827 and 1828 with possibly his brother, Edmond Mooney. Supposedly hangs himself from rafter of mill in 1828 (have not yet found newspaper clipping from 1828, only one from over 100 years later, in stories collected by Chas. Heberhart). After Isaac’s death, Edmond disappears from Jefferson County records. Mathilda reappears in 1831 records as Mathilda Mooney, then goes on to marry a Jackson.

Joseph Addison Kyle was born in Xenia Ohio and arrived in Jefferson County sometime before 1838. He was in Jefferson County to study medicine, possibly with another Kyle relative here. He married Sarah Ann Mooney (daughter of above Isaac Mooney) Dec. 11, 1838. They were married by a J. Miles (anybody know a church?) and was back around Xenia, Ohio as Dr. Joseph Addison Kyle by 1850.

I’ll dig around Isaac Mooney’s birthplace of Fayette County, Pennsylvania when I return home, but in the meantime, I thought I’d share what I have so far in case it rings any bells or inspires any amateur sleuths.

Special thanks, by the way, to Tiffany of Crystal & Jules for guiding me to a great resource, and to Meredith Gregg, Bob Thomas and Karen Phillips of the Jefferson County Historical Society. I love you guys!

~8~ Almost down to a week.

Love, Marla