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I’m Baxter, and I’m taking over Mom’s blog today, because I think everything’s been too much about people stuff lately. Mom promised we’re going to have a Madison day together tomorrow, the way we did when we first arrived. I hope so, because there’s a lot for me to do here.

We’re going to start with a hike somewhere, and I hope there’s other dogs and water and maybe some deer. I like to chase them even though I’m not allowed. She hasn’t told me where we’re hiking tomorrow, but she says I’ll like it.

I hope so. I don’t think Mom always knows what I really like. She keeps trying to throw frisbees and balls.

Sometimes I get to play with another lab, but all Mom does is kiss and cuddle all over him and play frisbee with him and talk about how much he reminds her of “Alex” and that kind of sucks, because I’m right here, Mom. I’m right here.

I like to play “chase the deer.” And this morning I even found her a turtle, but all she did was take a picture and put it back down. She would not make a very good dog.

For someone who doesn’t like to be stereotyped, she sure assumes that just because I’m a labrador “retriever” I want to fetch things all the time. Mom and I still have to work out this part of our relationship. Sometimes it’s hard to be adopted, but Mom says we’re working on figuring each other out.

After our hike tomorrow, we’re going to get a bath and then Mom will do her blog while I dry off. Then it’s out for adventures around town. She says it’s better to go around town after a long hike, because “a tired dog is a good dog.” I say Mom’s better behaved after she exercises too.

We’re going to Blue Cerebus, where the nice lady always gives me a snack and Mom buys me a new bone.  That’s where we bought a new collar and leash with squirrels on them. Mom says that was a special surprise for Daddy, because he doesn’t like squirrels. I don’t know how anybody can’t like squirrels. They’re really fun to chase. I see fox squirrels every time we go on the Heritage Trail, and Mom says she saw a picture of squirrels with albino tails that Jack Bird took.

I like it when she takes me on the Heritage Trail, but she grumbles that there are never any poop bags at the trailhead. I say it’s good for the grass for moisture and fertilizer, but she says it’s not nice to other hikers, so she uses the bio bags she buys at Blue Cerebus instead.

Tomorrow we’re going to a lot of stores in Madison, because they like dogs here. They even have a nice brochure that shows where I’m allowed to go. I’ve been to the Village Lights bookstore several times. Their cats, Oscar and Trudy, are pretty neat. I want to play with them like I do with Shaggy at home, but it’s their store so I have to play it cool. Usually I take a nap while Mom reads or writes for a little bit.

I didn’t get to be in Madison for the regatta, because I don’t like fireworks, but I got to hang out at the river with Mom a lot, watching the bridge lift or just relaxing after a walk.

One of my favorite places we went was up to Lake Monroe, because I got to swim and jump and get really dirty.

We’re leaving in 10 days, so Mom says tomorrow is going to be all about me and spending time together. I already know that means lots of pictures I’m going to have to pose for, but at least I’ll get to smell new things, and she always carries biscuits on picture day.

Well, I guess that’s it for my dog blog. I will miss Madison almost as much as Mom.

Love, Baxter

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    1. I knew what you meant. He may as well be named Battery. That dog is a maniac. Go-go-go-go-go-go-go! He’s like the energizer doggie.

  1. Wow, I think Battery be a better writer than you, sis! 😉

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