Happy Spring Day!

Did you know today is “Spring Day” in South Africa?

Have you ever seen a love bird feeding a baby?

Join me for both today on the website…

As my friends and family in America are in autumn splendor, we’re down in the Southern Hemisphere enjoying warmer days, where it gets light earlier and earlier, and wondering whether or not it’s soon enough to put away heaters and heavy blankets.

travel South Africa Pretoria capital
Tshwane (pka Pretoria) South Africa

In honor of Spring Day, and since it is also “Tuesdays in Tshwane” here at Traveling MarLa, I thought I would share a little of what spring looks like around our home here in Tshwane (pka Pretoria.)

best smelling flower in the world
This Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow flowering bush is a heady, heavenly fragrance. I love it so much that when we moved in, I asked the landlord if I could plant more all around the house. Now each blooming season fills the house with the most incredible scent! I think this is one of the best smelling flowers in the whole world.
best smelling flower in the world Spring Day South Africa
The name comes from the flowers, which are in constant blooming rotation. “Yesterday” is white, “Today” is lavendar, and “Tomorrow” is the purple bud about to open.


Hope you’ve enjoyed the photos!

Oh, did I almost forget the lovebirds? Not possible. For your cuteness overload, here is a lovebird feeding its baby by our feeder, with another lovebird looking on… d’aww!

Spring Day lovebird feeding baby
Lovebird feeding baby. Tuesdays in Tshwane, Pretoria, South Africa. Spring Day, 2015


Happy Spring Day, 2015. And Happy Tuesday from Tshwane!


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