The Tomb of Inspiration (Weekly Photo Challenge)

I’m never quite as inspired to live, to create, to walk with purpose, than when I’m confronted with death. These statues represent the bodyguards at the Tomb of Khải Định, near Huế in Việt Nam. This is just a small part of the entire tomb complex, which includes an elaborate palace at the top tier.

travel vietnam inspiration tombs
Tomb of Khải Định near Hue, Vietnam

If we put as much energy into living as we do into death, and memorializing our dead, can you imagine how different our lives might be?

What is your inspiration? Share your comments or photos below. To see what inspires others, check out this week’s WordPress photo challenge page on Inspiration by Inspiration Photo Challenge.

Love, MarLa

travel vietnam hue
Tomb of Khải Định, near Huế, Việt Nam.