Welcome to the New Book Club!

The new Book Club page on my website is now up and running. You will find it in the Menu Bar of the website. I’m excited to have so many readers joining the online book club.

Welcome, and enjoy!

"Reading, with a pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream is the way to go." Submitted by a reader in Pennsylvania
“Reading, with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is the way to go.”
Submitted by a reader in Pennsylvania

So many people have asked me what African literature I recommend, and what books I’m reading here, that I thought an online book club would be a great way to share with you what I’m reading, and loving.

There is still time to pick up a book by our first author, Futhi Ntshingila. Please read either Shameless or Do Not Go Gentle. They are each short books, fast reads, and a powerful stories.

African Literature
July’s Author
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Please submit your questions or comments by next Wednesday, 15 July, 2015, by midnight. Ms. Ntshingila, will then put together some replies for you, and they’ll be posted the following Wednesday, 22 July.

best African literature
“Mister Traveling MarLa” reading July’s book.

Please email your questions/comments to: marla@marlasinkdruzgal.com

Also, please help me WELCOME the newest author in our online reading series, Wame Molefhe, of Botswana. Her book is now listed below and on the Book Club page.

And WELCOME to our newest featured readers. Each of these writers, editors, and teachers are taking time to read and submit questions/comments, despite their busy schedules!

Ian Riggins * Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Melanie Hooks * Los Angeles, California
Jessica Kinnison * New Orleans, Louisiana

And thank you, again, to V.I.P. readers:

Lynette Davis
Reflections Books

Southern California, USA

featured reader
Lynette Davis
Featured Reader

Katrina Otuonye
Writer, Editor
New York City, USA

featured reader online book club
Katrina Otuonye
Featured Reader

Caroline Tanski
Essayist, Poet, Editor

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

online book club
Caroline Tanski
Featured Reader


Happy reading!

Love, MarLa

2015-2016 Online Book Club Reading List:

July: Futhi Ntshingila
Book(s): Do Not Go Gentle (Kindle or Paperback) and/or Shameless (since one may only be available by e-reader, you’re welcome to read either one. She’ll answer questions for both!)
Read-by Date: 15 July 2015  Please read and email your questions no later than 15 July to marla@marlasinkdruzgal.com. YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO READ THIS BOOK. IT IS SHORT, BUT POWERFUL. ENJOY!!

August: Nthikeng Mohlele
Book(s): Rusty Bell
Read-by Date: 12 August 2015  Please read and email your questions no later than 12 August to marla@marlasinkdruzgal.com.

September: Phillippa Yaa de Villiers
Book(s): Everyday Wife, and/or Taller Than Buildings
Read-by Date: 16 September 2015 Please read and email your questions no later than 16 September to marla@marlasinkdruzgal.com

October: Mzilikazi wa Afrika
Book(s): Nothing Left to Steal
Read-by Date: 14 October 2015 PRE-ORDER ASAP by emailing marla@marlasinkdruzgal.com . This book is currently only available as an e-book, but I can ship a paperback to you from South Africa.

November: Mandla Langa
Book(s): The Texture of Shadows
11 November 2015

December: Niq Mhlongo
Book(s): Way Back Home
16 December 2015

January through May, 2016
Thando Mgqolozana: A Man Who is Not a Man
Mamle Wolo: The Kaya-Girl
Carol Campbell: Esther’s House
Ekow Duker: Dying in New York
Wame Molefhe: Go Tell the Sun
Sabata-mpho Mokae: Book launch this autumn, and he’s taking time for us online as well! Title to be announced in August.

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