Do Not Go Gentle…Shameless!

Ever finish a book and think “Geez! Why did the author have to kill that character?” or “Why did he end it this way, when I was sure character X was going to…”

Well, read with me, and then let’s ask the author together! Every author in my reading series has agreed to answer your questions!

These books were chosen by me, because each has really influenced me in some way. I hope they win you over as they did me. The stories are unique, the voices fresh, and the writers are dang good people! How often does that combination happen!?

They will answer questions from you on this site, and for each of you who sends me questions for the author, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a signed copy of that book. Join us from your own blog, or reading club, and I will also list you and link to you on each posting. Your readers can also submit questions and enter the drawing for an autographed book!

First up is author Futhi Ntshingila, of South Africa. Please read either Do Not Go Gentle, or Shameless, and send me your questions for her no later than 15 July.

Do Not Go Gentle Futhi NtshingilaDo Not Go Gentle
“Life wasn’t always this hard for fourteen-year-old Mvelo, who lives with her mother, Zola in the shacks on the margins of Mkhumbane township. There were good times when they lived with Sipho, Zola’s lawyer boyfriend. But when the beautiful and mysterious Nonceba Hlathi arrives, Zola has to make a choice. She also has her pride. Now their social grants have been discontinued: the one for Mvelo being underage reared by a 31-year-old single mother, and the other for Zola because of her status. And there is also an elephant growing in their shack as the terrible thing that happened that night in the revival tent remains unspoken.”

Shameless:Shameless Futhi Ntshingila
“Thandiwe lives by her own rules. She shamelessly sells her body on the South African streets of Yeoville and views her job as no different from those of young black graduates who take up affirmative action posts as perpetual juniors under soul-destroying mentors. Thandiwe’s searing views on the post-apartheid corporate world become public when she is approached by Kwena, a young film-maker who is interested in telling the stories of prostitutes and the shameful secrets of many. For Thandiwe, that personal story begins in the poor, rural village where Thandiwe and her best friend Zonke grew up, facing the many challenges of a vulnerable childhood together. They both fend off unwanted sexual attention and Thandiwe loses her mother in a freak accident, leaving her an orphan. When she runs away from her guardians to avoid circumcision, Thandiwe arrives in Jo’burg and soon launches her unconventional career. While Zonke pursues a more sheltered and conventionally successful course of action, Thandiwe has to fight fiercely for her independence, even at the risk of endangering her own life.”

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Do Not Go Gentle

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Lynette Davis, Reflections Books, Southern California, USA

Katrina Otuonye, Writer, Editor, New York City, USA

Caroline Tanski, Essayist, Poet, Editor, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Featured readers can be any professional writer, editor, publisher, blogger, or book club wanting to read and ask good questions from the authors. If you would like to join us in reading these books, and think you should be featured here, please let me know!

 Happy Writer Wednesday, readers!

Love, Marla


Following are upcoming titles for this new, online book club. Order yours early!

July: Futhi Ntshingila
Book(s): Do Not Go Gentle (Kindle or Paperback) and/or Shameless (since one may only be available by e-reader, you’re welcome to read either one. She’ll answer questions for both!)
Read-by Date: 15 July 2015  Please read and email your questions no later than 15 July to marla @ marlasinkdruzgal . com or put them in the comments below.

Nthikeng Mohlele
Book(s): Rusty Bell
Read-by Date: 12 August 2015  Please read and email your questions no later than 12 August to marla @ marlasinkdruzgal . com or put them in the comments below.

September: Phillippa Yaa de Villiers
Book(s): Everyday Wife, and/or Taller Than Buildings
Read-by Date: 16 September 2015

October: Mzilikazi wa Afrika
Book(s): Nothing Left to Steal
Read-by Date: 14 October 2015

November: Mandla Langa
Book(s): The Texture of Shadows
11 November 2015

December: Niq Mhlongo
Book(s): Way Back Home
16 December 2015

January through May, 2016
Thando Mgqolozana: A Man Who is Not a Man
Mamle Wolo: The Kaya-Girl
Carol Campbell: Esther’s House
Ekow Duker: Dying in New York
Sabata-mpho Mokae: Book launch this autumn, and he’s taking time for us online as well! Title to be announced in August.

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