Verreaux’s Eagle Owl and The Kindness of Strangers

I’ve been lucky enough to spot a Verreaux Eagle Owl (aka Giant Eagle Owl) on my own before (see that post here) but I would not have noticed this one if it weren’t for a stranger passing us on a dirt road who flagged us down and told us where to look.

travel Africa giant eagle owl
An adult and juvenile? Where are my owl experts?

By the look of the second owl, its fluffy coat and the fact that it was the only one of the two eating, I think it is a juvenile, and its parent brought it back some food. Anybody know for sure? I submitted to an owl expert but haven’t heard back yet.

I almost rented a 500 lens for this trip and changed my mind. Sure wishing I had for this shot!

Happy Thursday, friends!

Love, Marla

P.S. Our next adventure is something EPIC, so I hope you have considered entering to win a “Flat Stanley” version of yourself that we can take with us. Please see the contest information “Before and After” which I posted earlier in the week.  Remember, it can be something as small as a refrigerator, or as large as an entire room.

4 thoughts on “Verreaux’s Eagle Owl and The Kindness of Strangers

  1. great pic, owls have always been a mysterious creature. I have had te pleasure to see a white owl in hills of northern california, beautiful animals.

  2. I love Owls, wonderful birds. I considered entering, I truly did. But then I looked at the before pictures and realized it possibly be weeks before I had after pictures and thought, just no. Far too embarrassing.

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