Before and After Room Challenge

I want to give you something: a postcard? a bookmark? a card? perhaps you want me to take a “Flat Stanley” version of you on our next adventure? (Thanks to my nephew for that last idea.)

You choose. I’m issuing a Before and After Challenge to my readers to join me in overhauling one room or workspace area.

Today is Manuscript Monday for me, but instead of writing, I’m finally ORGANIZING!

While creative people “boast” about our messiness (and truly I do actually know in which stack of “garbage” my essay titled “Tracking a Black Rhino” is, as opposed to my papers from Viet Nam, or my Mandela poetry) for me the burden of the mess has outweighed the allowance for creative organization.

creative mind organization
Are you “alternatively organized” like me? Join me in this challenge!

In other words, while I can find what I need, do I really want to continue the ongoing task of finding or making a slab of desk on which to write?

No. Something needs to change for me.

Today instead of writing or submitting, I’m spending all day sorting and organizing and hoping to create a better system. Those organizational shows have never worked for me, so it’s time to create a system of my own that meets the way I think about my work while providing an alternative to piles.



1-Take a photo of an area you’ve been wanting to clean up or organize/overhaul.
2-Clean/organize/overhaul it!
3-Take an “After” photo

Email me ( marla at marlasinkdruzgal dot com ) both your Before and After photos, no later than this Sunday, 02 November, 2014. Winner will be announced next Monday. I’ll also show my own finished writing space.

Have fun and good luck!

Love, Marla

8 thoughts on “Before and After Room Challenge

  1. Remember, guys, you can tackle something small – an area instead of a room, like a desk, a cluttered countertop, even a REFRIGERATOR that’s out of control! Something small can make you feel a BIG relief!

  2. Hahahaha…great idea! For me however, I would need WEEKS to be able to take an “after” photo of anything of my areas which need organizing! Hahaha.
    (I sure would get on Nancy’s good list though!)

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