Welcome to Winter, Everyone!

Oh…not everyone?

You mean I’m now bass-ackwards in the Southern Hemisphere, spending my June-July-August “summer” in winter?

It’s going to be awhile before I get used to it.

Yesterday here it was the winter solstice (in case you’re wondering why I didn’t capitalize, it’s because I pretty much always let Grammar Girl trump my own instincts). I didn’t do anything crazy, like dance naked in the moonlight (a little too chilly) or fly to Stonehenge and hump the rocks or whatever happens in that bit of insanity.

I had a piece of quiche at a local cafe, worked on revisions for my manuscript (see manuscript posts here, here, here and here), started reading All Things Wild and Wonderful by Kobie Krüger, and realized, suddenly, at the end of the day, “Oh yeah, it’s solstice.” And then, “Oh YEAH, it’s WINTER solstice…Darn, that would have been an interesting blog.”

But I had already scheduled the day’s blog, so I went ahead and posted an update on Facebook and my sister responded with something interesting I hadn’t bothered to research on the differences between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres: the phases of the moon.

Woodlands Jr Kent School UK

I won’t be taking photos of all the phases on these cold winter nights (yes, it really does get freaking cold at night here in South Africa) but I will be taking photos tonight of the Supermoon!

King's Canyon Sequoia Tree
Mooning the General Grant Tree in King’s Canyon National Park

Oops! That’s not a supermoon. (Or is it…?) For those who don’t know, a “supermoon” is the popular term for when the moon is the closest to the earth in a given year. For 2013, it’s tonight!

Anyway, Kurt and I are going to play around with the new camera and tripod tonight and see if we can get some nice photos.

Are you going to try to get out and see the “Supermoon” tonight? Are you a moon-watcher, a star-gazer, or a landmark mooner? Or maybe you just catch it on the Weather Channel?

Tell me all about it!

Love, Marla

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Winter, Everyone!

  1. Ditto, Jeff. Hey, I just saw the moon; it finally broke thru the haze and looks super. Not super big, as it’s supposed to, but looks super anyway. Loved your starry-assed moon! Did you by any chance get voted “most unique” in your senior class at MC or didn’t they have that category? You sure get it in my (year)book. Am lovin your postings..

  2. Yes, and welcome to summer here…beautiful one so far, wish you were here to enjoy it with us! Going to “La Casa de Marla” today, I’ll do a little solstice dance there in your stead! (Sorry, no nudity involved, wouldn’t want to scare the natives!) Call me a nerd, but I find the moon phasing differences fascinating…my mind pictures some place on the equator where I could stand and sway side to side and see the shift of the crescent side to side!…granted I’d have to be a hundred miles tall or so…still, it’d be pretty cool!
    GO SUPERMOON!! (no, Marla; I do mean the REAL supermoon!)

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