Flowers, Food, and a Limp What?

Progress 1. It really is, finally, and assuredly, spring in Lover, PA.

Yesterday when I walked the property I kept thinking how much I wished I could give everyone I like a bouquet of flowers. I thought, instead, I’d give you a hillside of them:

daffodil tulip lungwart bleeding heart spring flowers
A lone tulip survived the deer orgy this spring. So glad they don’t like my daffodil!


Progress 2: I have come a long way in the type and quantities of “snacks” I have.

A funny text conversation occurred with my brother the day after I returned from Florida, as he was cleaning out the leftovers before closing up Mom’s place:

Today for lunch I ate the whole package of turkey, all the strawberries, the banana, half the grapes, 2 of your muscle milks, and a bottle of Fiji water…what’s gonna happen to me?

Granted, he doesn’t mention the package of Biscoff cookies I left in a container, or the leftover Papa John’s pizza he polished for breakfast, but just knowing that fruit, water and protein have replaced most of the cookies, coke and carbs makes me happy. I’m calling this a win.


Progress 3: Speaking of winning, I’m still clearing out my house and giving away great books!

The winner of the Name the Bird contest (a random draw from all entries, right or wrong) is Pierr Morgan. Pierr wins the book, Toucan Nest, signed by author Peggy Shumaker. Winner of the candy bar is Ginny Easley!

Circle B Bar Reserve Lakeland Florida birds eating snails
Can you name this bird?

LIMPKIN. The bird from the contest is a limpkin, as a couple of you suggested. Oh that title teaser was just mean, wasn’t it? 😉

Please email me your address to receive your prize:

Happy Spring (cleaning!)

Love, Marla

6 thoughts on “Flowers, Food, and a Limp What?

  1. YowieKazowie! I won, too! I’m thrilled to receive the book. Thanks, Marla. I love birds. Maybe one day I’ll travel to see a Tucan in the wild. And Ginny, thanks for your kind offer to pass the candy bar along but Marla has to find another chocolate taker because this is Day 120 Sugar-Free for me, and I barely made it through the weekend where everywhere I went there were giant chocolate chip cookies – huge bowls of them. Whew.

    1. p.s. OOps – can’t add…it’s only day 112, not 120. And yeah, I know, I spelled Too Can wrong. Maybe I need sugar. Maybe my brain would be functioning better. Isn’t chocolate one of the major food groups?

  2. Marla- you crack me up! “Deer orgy” – hahaha!
    Also, when you wrote “…most of the cookies, coke and carbs makes me happy…” in this blog, you really need to capitalize the “C” in coke. I’m not being a picky grammar bitch- coke with a small “c” has a very different, um, connotation.

  3. I won, I won! A candy bar! Now doesn’t that just fit right in with my Weight Watchers diet? Don’t waste the postage to send it; give it to some scrawny homeless person you pass in Pgh.. I love you anyway, Marla. Sorry we weren’t able to get together last summer and now you’ll be gone. What an amazing opportunity and I wish you both a wonderful experience.

    1. P.S. You could ship it to Pierr with the book too. BTW, love the spring flower pic. Even tho there are beautiful flowers here in Florida, I miss the northern ones I grew up with, esp forsythia, lilacs, and daffodils.

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