Goodbye and Thank You…To My Car


Dear 2005 Hyundai Elantra, Thank you, and goodbye. You ran well, took me through almost 150,000 miles worth of ups, downs, cross country drives with nothing but Baxter, Johnny Cash CD’s and a head full of nostalgia and grief. You gave me 34mpg until the very end. You carried my dog, my husband, my niece and grand-niece. Sometimes you smelled like moldy lettuce, and I am truly sorry for that. I wish you had been sparkly clean for your final sendoff. And now you sit in the totaled car graveyard, bits of deer fur tucked into your headlight, pieces of whitetail on your windshield. I hope some of you lives on, as spare pieces for other Elantras. Tomorrow I will come pick you clean: the satellite radio I had installed from Best Buy, the EZ Pass transponder, the sun shades for Baxie and the special mud mats to protect your floors. I know you would want me to move on, but I am trying not to fall in love with this Jeep Liberty SUV from the rental agency. You were always so dependable and safe, economic and practical. I promise not to be swayed by the high-riding, 4 wheel-drive and all the bells and whistles of this off-roading power horse.


But knowing you would want what’s best for me, tomorrow I will take the claim check (thank you for holding so much value) and go find your replacement. I will try not to get something so appealing as to erase the memories of you. You will always be the bit of silver before the golden age of car ownership. May you rest in peace(es). Love, Marla

14 thoughts on “Goodbye and Thank You…To My Car

  1. I think a car is really an extension of our personality, an expression of our identity at different times in our lives…we would prefer to surrender when we are ready. When circumstances force a change we have an opportunity to embrace a new us (and let’s face it we are forever re -authoring our stories). I am eager to read the new chapter with Jeep as your principle muse LOL

  2. Aw. We’ve been driving past what looks exactly like my old metallic beige ’89 Dodge Dynasty on Rt. 8. That car saw me through some hard times, but it finally just gave up the ghost. When we pass this other one, I am overwhelmed by the need to buy it and just park it in our yard and fill with flowers. The only things that would be missing would be a Dawn of the Dead bumper sticker and a “Fulci Lives! Zombi bumper sticker. *sigh*

  3. Touching! I kinda got a little misty! Really is sort of heartwrenching to give up a large part of one’s life. 🙁

    1. Thanks Jeff. The hardest part was seeing it in the dead car lot at the auto mechanic’s. I knew by where they put it that they had already condemned it to the salvage pile, but I was still hoping they might be wrong. I love those scifi pieces where they write about putting energy into “things” because it always feels that way.
      I feel like such a traitor to be going out looking at vehicles today.

    1. Thanks so much for posting your comment. I thought maybe people would think I was goofy to have so much sentiment for my car. I mean, after all I’m grateful I wasn’t hurt, but it really is like losing an old friend.

      1. We develop deep, lasting relationships with our cars, as a dude I am not ashamed to admit this. Your friend protected you from injury and kept you safe and sound. I can count on two hands real people that would not do that for me in “real” life. 😉

        1. That’s moving and you kinda’ just ripped open my heart with that. I’m headed out the door now to remove the last of my things from the Elantra. 🙁 Thank you so much for your beautiful words.

  4. What a lovely memorial! I drove a little Toyota stationwagon to almost 500,000 km when it finally gave up doing 100 km/h up a long hill and died in a screeching grinding metallic sudden stop. I had enough momentum to get to the side of the road in safety but oh my gosh what a noise when the transmission gave up. Great car. I have a jeep now.

    1. Thanks. Yes, jeeps are actually the main vehicles we’re looking at right now. I think I’ll be trading in all that mileage for the ability to have a winter of 4wd and riding higher on the highways.

    1. 🙂 Thanks Caroline. I think I’m going to look for an SUV so I can sit a little higher for awhile. Wow, I didn’t realize you had so many miles on there. That’s such a great car (even with the tricky tranny).

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