Winners of Endless Scarves and Their Great Stories!

contest winner endless scarfWhat do Traveling Marla, an Ewok, and scarf, storm, frontier, apple and coil all have in common? They all had to be used in the entries to try to win an endless scarf from me! (See original post here). Today I announce the winner(s)!

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It’s a TIE! After narrowing down to these two entries, I decided I just loved them both so much that they are each going to get a beautiful light green endless scarf.

Congratulations to Jody Love, of the online blog Human Triumphant, and to Amy Cornelius Dembosky, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Here are their wonderful stories…


“Bras! Goddamn bras!” Traveling Marla had mentioned her landlord dilemma. Fiona empathized, yet her bras still coiled under cushions and newspapers, like Ewoks stalking Stormtroopers on the Endorian frontier. Unannounced Stormtroopers — like landlords. How does the landlord like them apples? Well, in a bra, actually; and preferably, under a scarf.



Coil-like storm was brewing,
bit my tongue while chewing
over the EWOK notice
pulling my beautiful scarf tight like a lotus.

I, Traveling Marla, soon going
through an ePortal, new frontier, towing
adventurous spirit and knowledge.
Heck, this was better than any college;

Guess I’ll keep this apple for haulage.
Both ladies confessed to difficulty in meeting the 50-word limit. Jody even went so far as to send me her original, which I thought was too cute not to also share:

It was a blustery November day. I looked up into the sky and noticed dark clouds rolling in, making coil-like figures, as though a storm was brewing. I wound my endless scarf tightly around my neck, draping it over my head as a shiver ran down my spine. Only moments before, I’d torn open the official government envelope. I knew it was official because of the formality of my full name – Ms. Trav Eling Mar-La. (Friends usually just call me Trav.) I took one more crunchy bite from my apple before tossing it into the compost. The letter was to inform me that I was to be EWOK’d – ePorted with official K-ration. Before my name was submitted for the eFrontier draft, I’d willingly stepped up and volunteered. I knew it was my destiny – to go where no woman before had dared consider such egress.

Both Amy and Jody will each receive a light green Endless Scarf by my friend Norma of Granny’s Knits and Gifts. She will need a little time to knit them, especially now that I’m ordering two, so in the meantime Amy and Jody – get me your mailing address and watch the mail!

All other entries please make sure I have your mailing address so you can receive a Traveling Marla postcard!

I LOVE giving stuff away! (So does my husband, given my tendency to over-collect things!) So make sure you check out the Contests & Promotions page for other things I’m giving away right now, like a signed hardcover of STARDUST by Neil Gaiman!

Love, Marla

8 thoughts on “Winners of Endless Scarves and Their Great Stories!

    1. They did such a great job with their entries. Don’t worry. I will probably be giving away another scarf sometime in December, so stop in again! 🙂

  1. Reblogged this on humanTriumphant and commented:
    Am reblogging this as a thank you to Marla for her generosity. I had a great time accepting her fun challenge & can’t wait to snuggle up in that beautiful scarf. Thanks Marla!

  2. Gosh, thanks “Trav” (haha) – I am so excited!!! (Did I mention how envious I was of that green scarf on you?! lol) Your generous spirit shines through in all your posts – but you can bet I’m going to get you that address. 😉 Skipping off joyfully to do so now… & hoping I look half as lovely in it as you! -jody

    1. I hope you’ll send me a photo of you wearing it. Her scarves are so beautiful – and machine washable! I put mine in a delicates bag and throw it in the washer. I don’t think you have to even use a delicates bag but I’m just overly cautious.

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