Help Charity AND win a jar of Apple Butter! Time to sweeten the pot…
I already gave to the Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief, but I’ll give again!
For every entry I get (MAX=15 because I’m still not rich except in your love <3) I’ll donate $10 to the Red Cross HS Disaster Relief.
What are you waiting for? Go stick your head in something already and send me a pic!!!

MarLa Sink Druzgal

I will stick my head in anything.

Okay, maybe that’s a little bit of a yarn, but I really do love those plywood cutouts with a silly scene just begging passersby to insert their noggins. So as you can imagine I was ecstatic to pose, Marla Appleseed style. Kurt was, well, a little less than thrilled, but always a good sport. An even better sport was the poor fella with his arm in a cast who I asked to take the photo.

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