Wood-Fired Words 2012

Wood-Fired Words
A high-ball salute to Wood-Fired Words came from U.S. Steel’s Mon Valley Works (aka Edgar Thompson Plant) across from the Unsmoke Systems Art Gallery where the event was held.

I went to a super cool and artsy event in Pittsburgh Saturday night, and I wanted to share a bit of it with you.  I’m not going into all details of this eclectic art space and its residency. There are incredible articles which have already been written, and I encourage you to read all about this venue here. In the meantime, enjoy the photos and find out more about each of these wonderful writers.

From brick oven pizza, to pumpkin beer and Hungarian wine, my belly was as satisfied as my head and heart listening to the beautiful words of Sarah Leavens, Salvatore Pane and Sean Thomas Dougherty.

Sarah Leavens is the first ever Out of the Forge resident at Unsmoke Systems in Braddock, Pennsylvania. I’ve been fortunate to hear Sarah’s work before, as she was obtaining her Master’s Degree in Poetry and Nonfiction from Chatham University. In addition to her residency at Unsmoke Systems, Sarah also teaches part-time and is using her residency time to work on her first full-length collection.

Sal Pane recently took a full-time teaching position at the University of Indianapolis. Much of his writing is Pittsburgh-based, however, including his forthcoming novel, Last Call in the City of Bridges. He also has a chapbook collection titled Kanye West Saved from Drowning.

Sean Thomas Dougherty is the 2013 Into the Furnace Resident at Unsmoke Systems. A prolific writer, he has thirteen books in multiple genres, including the forthcoming All I Ask for Is Longing: Poems 1994- 2014.  He currently teaches part-time at Cleveland State University.