Weekend Window: Our home in Madison, and the town in springtime

Sunrise over the Madison-Milton Bridge. March 21, 2012

I first began visiting Madison, Indiana in the spring. I couldn’t move here yet, because I had to finish my MFA in Pittsburgh, and I was scheduled for a May travel writing trip to Viet Nam.

I couldn’t wait to get settled in with Kurt, because it was love at first site as I wandered the town one morning near sunrise.

Here is a small photo blog from that early morning wandering on the second day of spring, 2012.

I’m already getting nostalgic, and I haven’t even left yet.

13 days.

Love, Marla

The house we’re renting on East & Second Street

Lanier Mansion, while many trees were still in bloom.

One of my writing benches.
I kind of love this house, in a way that coveting is gonna’ get me in trouble one day.