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Is Marla Sasquatch?

Traveling Marla back exercises
Marla attempting squats
Okay, so granted, Trainer Lurch put the idea in my head of sitting on a toilet when teaching me how to squat, but did I have to take the constipation look so seriously?

My new trainer sucks. Okay, maybe not completely, or not much, or at all, really. But it feels good to say it, like somehow I’m getting to take back a little dignity after my clumsy attempts at weight training at my new gym here in Coshocton.

I had already prepared him that I would be blogging about my work-outs from time to time and that includes photos and a myriad of random, often strange thoughts. I figured he would give them a once-over and see that I wasn’t showing my trainer in a bad light, and understand that the only person I really take to task in my blogs is me.

I didn’t think he would read them, I mean actually read them. (I mean, c’mon, he’s a trainer, right? Isn’t he supposed to be an illiterate muscle-head?) Continue reading Is Marla Sasquatch?