Dear Reader,

Thank you for visiting my website and for your interest in my writing.

Travel inspires creativity in many forms. Depending on the journey, I find my outlet in essay, poetry or photography, and am grateful to publishers who include my work as part of their collections.

If you’re interested in my writing or photography, please follow this link to my Published Work. 

For a glimpse of places I’ve lived and traveled, in America and abroad, please read my Travels & Posts. Follow the blog easily, by entering your email address at the top right of the page. You’ll receive a receive a message when a new post is added. I don’t spam and I don’t post more than once a day.

Need to know a little more about me? Well, then I dare you to read my Bio.

Welcome to my circle of readers and friends.

Love, MarLa


Could you imagine a situation where you would work 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week and not get paid?

That’s how it feels when someone takes my work and uses it without permission.

Let’s be clear. I love readers, and I am happy that you like my work enough to want to share it. I put a lot of time, energy, and money into traveling, maintaining my camera, paying people for photos and interviews, lodging, park fees, and everything else that goes into producing content for this site, and into building my brand, so it’s not okay to use my writing or my photos without my permission.

Please email me if there’s something you would like to use and I’ll let you know: marla at marlasinkdruzgal dot com

Please see official copyright information below, and please be respectful.

© 2015 Traveling Marla. All content in this website created by Marla Sink Druzgal (aka Traveling Marla) is solely and entirely her property and protected by both U.S. and International copyright laws. No material on this site can be stored for retrieval, reproduced, reposted, displayed, altered or transmitted in any form without written permission of Marla Sink Druzgal (aka Traveling Marla).

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