Travel With MarLa

Yes I’ll help you plan the vacation of a lifetime.

Universities. Small groups. Individuals and Couples.

Individuals, Couples, Small Groups:
It is so much fun taking an average vacation idea and turning it into an epic journey that you will talk about for the rest of your life.

My passion for creating lifelong memories for others merged perfectly with my life of travel, writing, and photography. My experience living in South Africa, and solo traveling throughout the southern African region gives me special creative insight to plan your adventure. I’ve been quietly investing time and money to specialize in a variety of African travel, and it’s time to bring it to you!

University groups:
You haven’t seen any field seminar like the one I will plan for you. This is where I “get my geek on.” My unique edu-travel has been a lifetime in the making, and I’m excited to help you give your students exceptional experience, and local interaction to expand their skill set as well as their world view.

My own experience living abroad, and passion for travel (combined with my academic credentials and inherited knack for creating courses and events) set me on a journey to expand the way I think about education and travel.

Each course includes syllabus, reading list (books or excerpts included for books not available in the United States), lesson plans, and of course…the field seminar. Customizable if your staff prefers to create your own course or materials. Each edu-travel journey is operated by certified, responsible and safe companies within each host country, and I personally take the first of each field seminar and ensure the course and travel portions meet exceptional standards in both academics and responsible travel.

Experience the beauty, culture, literature, and wildlife of Africa as only someone who has lived it can share.

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