Welcome Home!

Dear reader,

I invite you on a journey with me.

Whether close to home, or around the world, travel inspires me creatively.  I find my outlet in essay, poetry, or photography, and I am thankful for publishers who include my work as part of their collections. I’m also grateful for the institutions, and organizations, who hire me to teach, or speak, about my adventures (and misadventures)!

Some are surprised at how often I (an arthritic woman of a certain age and size) travel alone. But solo travel is not the sole domain of the youthful, the well-built, or the male. I’m proud to bring a different perspective to the solo travel tribe, and believe my journeys can inspire other atypical solo adventurists.

Despite the solitude of pitching my tent in places as far-flung as along a bank of the Okavango River in Namibia, I never feel lonely when I’m on a journey. I think of travel as an unraveling story, and I am equal parts wanting it to last forever, and wanting to discover the ending.

I hope you’ll join me vicariously as I share some of these places, by signing up for email notes from me. I don’t spam, I never share my list, and I don’t post more than once a day.

Thanks for visiting, and welcome to my home of readers, and friends.

Love, MarLa